Beach Packing List – 25 Beach Essentials You Will Need

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Our beach packing list has all the beach essentials you need for a fun, comfortable, and truly memorable trip to the beach this summer.

The Ultimate Beach Packing List for College Students

1. Beach Bag

It goes without saying that you’ll need something to put your things in so you will definitely need a beach bag.

You want to look for a bag that is waterproof or water-resistant so whatever you put in it doesn’t end up getting wet.

2. Beach Towels

This is also a no-brainer, when you go to the beach you will need to bring beach towels. You might want to bring an extra one, so you have a towel you can dry off with and one you can lay down on.

3. Bathing suit

There are so many options out there when it comes to bathing suits, so you want to make sure you pick one that you love to wear. Whether it’s a bikini, one-piece, or wetsuit, make sure you pick something that you feel comfortable in.

4. Sunglasses

There’s nothing like sitting in the sun and soaking it up, but you want to make sure that your eyes are protected from those harmful UV rays. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite pair of sunglasses. 

5. Hat

It can get really hot when you spend all day on the beach, and your scalp is also susceptible to getting a sunburn. Pack a fashionable cap or hat to protect your face and head from the sun.

6. Sunscreen

It’s important to put sunscreen on your body and face so you don’t get burned by the sun’s harmful UV rays. I would suggest buying a sunscreen that has an SPF 50 so you don’t have to reapply it so often.

7. Cover-up

A cover-up is a great way to cover yourself when you’re not in the water and want to take a break on the sand.

They are usually lightweight and dry easily. Even if you put it over your wet swimsuit, it won’t really matter.

There are so many different cover-ups available out there so make sure you pick one that you feel comfortable wearing.

8. Water Bottle

Having fun in the sun is great, but it’s important that you stay hydrated! You should pack a water bottle so you don’t have to walk around in the hot sun to the nearest store for water.

You can even freeze the water bottle the night before to make sure you have cold water all day.

9. Hairbrush

Saltwater can make your hair get all tangled, and you can end up looking like a frizzy mess.

You might also want to bring some leave-in conditioner to brush your hair out with so you can avoid getting your hair damaged by the saltwater and sun.

10. Lip Balm

Sun and water can dry out your skin and the same goes for your lips. You want to make sure that you keep them hydrated and plump all day long with a nourishing lip balm.

11. Portable Speaker

A portable speaker is a great way to create the perfect summer atmosphere. You can play all your favorite music and have a blast with your family and friends. 

12. Summer Playlist

If you brought a portable speaker with you, you should also prepare a summer playlist with all your favorite songs! You should include songs that are fun and upbeat to keep the party going all day long.

13. Beach Umbrella

Being out in the sun is nice, but too much of a good thing can leave you with a sunburn. Sometimes you might want to take a break in the shade, but there might not be any trees nearby. You can easily fix this problem by bringing a beach umbrella to create your own shady space.

14. Power bank

If you plan on reading a book on your kindle, watching Netflix on your phone, or playing music, you might want to bring a power bank. This way you don’t run out of battery on any of your devices.

15. Drinks Cooler

There is nothing worse than taking a sip of warm water on a hot day. A cooler will make sure that your drinks stay cool all day long! So you can enjoy a refreshing drink whenever you get thirsty.

16. Snacks

Why not pack a few treats for your day out on the beach? Spending a day in the sun and water can make you hungry, so don’t forget to pack a few sandwiches, crisps, energy bars, candy, or whatever else you may like.

17. Beach Chairs

Laying down all day might make your back hurt, or maybe you just prefer to sit up while eating or reading a book. If that’s the case then you might want to bring along a few beach chairs to sit on.

18. Book

There’s nothing quite like kicking back in the sun and enjoying a good book. The beach is the perfect place to relax and read with no distractions. So why not pick up one by your favorite authors and enjoy reading it out on the beach.

19. First Aid Kit

You never know when you might need a first aid kit! Make sure you bring one with you just in case you need to treat a cut or scratch if anyone falls over accidentally.

20. Beach Ball

A beach ball is a great way to have fun! You can throw and pass it to your friends or family and have a fun time splashing around in the ocean.

21. Boogie board

A boogie board is another way you can have fun in the ocean. Why not try catching the waves on your boogie board?

22. Snorkel

If you want to explore what is in the water while you’re out there you should bring a snorkel. You never know what you might see, you could even see a fish or two.

23. Volleyball

If you prefer something that you can play on the sand, then you should bring a volleyball. Volleyball is a great game to play with friends, especially on the beach, and even if you fall over on the sand, it won’t hurt as much.

24. Camera

Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture a few happy snaps of your family or friends and your day out on the beach. These are memories that will last a lifetime, so why not try to preserve them.

25. Garbage bag

No one likes people that litter, and we should try to preserve our environment. Make sure that you bring a plastic bag or garbage bag where you can throw any of your trash out. Take it with you at the end of the day so you can throw it somewhere appropriate.

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