21 Best Dorm Cleaning Supplies that are Essential for College

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Keep your dorm mountain air fresh and sparkling clean with these 21 essential dorm cleaning supplies for college students.

Dorm Cleaning Supplies for the Bedroom/Living Room & General Supplies

1. Broom & Dustpan Set

The first and most important dorm cleaning items in your kit are a broom and a dustpan.

Need to clean a space quickly? Just bring out your broom, sweep the place, and use the dustpan to throw the dust into your bin.

2. Floor Sweeper and Duster

Floor sweepers that come with dry (or wet) refills are good options to include in your cleaning kit.

They are essential for cleaning under your bed, desk, and any other furniture.

You can also grab an extendable duster to clean the portions of the wall and other surfaces beyond your reach.  

3. Scrubbing Brush

A scrubbing brush is a multipurpose tool that you can use to scrub rough surfaces.

Need to clean the floor of your room or the bathroom? Does the shower need a scrubbing? You can use the scrubbing brush to rub any of these surfaces and turn them squeaky-clean.

4. Disinfecting Wipes

With the current world situation causing havoc, disinfecting wipes are in demand more than ever.

When you live in a dorm, you will likely have visitors. Make sure to clean your desk, keyboard, doorknobs, and small items you have used or shared with others with disinfecting wipes to stay safe.

5. Disinfectant Spray

If you run out of disinfectant wipes too quickly, you could opt for disinfectant spray instead.

You can use it on any surface or fabric and have them disinfected in a few seconds. One bottle will last you much longer than a pack of wipes.

6. Magic Stain Eraser

Magic stain erasers may look ineffective, but they are one of the most powerful cleaning tools you could get your hands on.

You can use them to clean all corners of your room, even the walls, switchboards, wires, and computer keyboards. Use them on most surfaces you can think of and remove the stain and grime without hassle.

7. Multipurpose Cleaning Spray

Cleaning items are useless without a cleaning spray. Buy a spray that is multipurpose and can clean any surface.

You will have shiny desks, furniture, and mirrors if you know how to use this spray effectively. Buy brands that come with a pleasant fragrance to prevent your dorm room from smelling like a hospital.

8. Moisture Absorber

If your college is in a humid climate, your dorm room will turn humid and uncomfortable very quickly.

Moisture absorbers are the best alternative to an electronic dehumidifier that can get quite costly.

Buy disposable moisture absorbers and place them in your room, sink, bathroom, or wherever it gets humid. They will soak up excess water and keep you comfortable.

9. Vacuum

Don’t forget to add a small vacuum to your list of cleaning supplies – a cordless one, if possible.

If you want to clean your dorm room thoroughly, you cannot do it without a vacuum. A small vacuum ensures easy portability and can reach even the smallest corners of your room.

10. Fabric Freshener

Fabric freshener might seem redundant, but they do add good value.

As a college student, you might not have the time to change your bed sheets often. Use fabric freshener for your bedding, comforter, and even clothes to keep them smelling fresh.

11. Carpet Spot Remover

If your dorm room has end-to-end carpeting, you will have stains on it – more often than you think.

Having a carpet spot remover will solve the problems for you in a jiffy. They usually come as a spray.

12. Lint Roller

You must be thinking, “lint roller?”

Your clothes, curtains, bedding, and comforter might catch a tiny amount of lint or dust at times.

If you need a quick cleaning, you can always choose a lint roller to tidy it up. It can also be your to-go cleaning item if you don’t have access to laundry facilities too often.

Dorm Cleaning Supplies for the Kitchen

13. Scrub Sponge

These sponges are multipurpose and great for cleaning almost everything.

If you are someone who burns their pans during cooking every time, you should definitely stock up on these.

The sponges are tough enough to remove extreme grime from any surface.

14. Dish Cleaner Spray or Gel

This year has pushed everyone within the four walls of their abode. Chances are that you will be spending more time in your dorm room.

You might even have to eat your lunch right in this room every day, so keeping a dish cleaner spray or gel can help you clean up your utensils easily.

15. Trash Bags

Trash bags are the ultimate tool in your arsenal to keep the dorm room clean. You can get the scented bags to help in keeping your room odor-free.

Dorm Cleaning Supplies for the Bathroom

16. Toilet Cleaner

Communal toilets are cleaned by janitors. But if you have a private washroom, you have to clean it on your own.

Buy a strong toilet cleaner to keep your toilet bowl clean and sparkling. Cleaning it regularly also keeps any odor at bay.

17. Toilet Bowl Tablets

If you are one of those people who hate cleaning toilets, you might want to opt for toilet bowl tablets.

The presence of strong bleach does not require you to scrub the surface.

Just drop a tablet in the flush and the toilet will be cleaned every time you use the flush. Just don’t forget to drop a new tablet when the previous one runs out.

18. Plunger and Scrubber

Toilets can get clogged. If you are not prepared for it, you might land yourself in an embarrassing situation.

Get a plunger and a scrubber so that you can quickly unclog it and keep it clean all year round. You can buy the pair together or separately depending on where you get them from.

Dorm Cleaning Supplies for Quality Air

19. Pou-Pourri

Perhaps one of the best inventions for the bathroom, pou-pourri (before-you-go bathroom spray) will be particularly helpful if you have a shared restroom.

20. Air Freshener

You might argue that air fresheners do not exist for the purpose of cleaning. But it does help to minimize any bad odor in your dorm room.

Smelly sock in the room? The smell of your favorite dish? A smell of must? Spritz a little bit of air freshener to the corners of your room and watch the magic happen.

21. Odor-Eliminating Spray

Some sprays have the sole purpose of eliminating odors.

Air fresheners usually mask the odor with their pleasant smell. On the other hand, odor eliminators attack the molecules that cause the stench and destroy them.

If you tend to have a bad smell in your room often, try getting your hands on one of these.

These dorm cleaning supplies will help you keep a tidy & fresh dorm room this year at college. Now the question is – which one will become your go-to dorm cleaning product?

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