20 Best Dorm Room Plants for College Students

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Use these dorm room plants to add a healthy dose of freshness, color, and inspiration to your dorm room, helping you feel healthy, creative, and positive.

Dorm Room Plants

1. Succulents and Cactus

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Succulents and cacti need very little maintenance. They come in a variety of shapes and looks and can make your dorm room look beautiful.

You can keep a tiny succulent or a medium one – pick whichever you want. Keep them near the window and let the soil dry before you water them to keep them healthy. 

2. Lucky Bamboo

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Lucky bamboo looks like bamboo shoots – but it isn’t bamboo. It looks like woven, spiraled, or interlaced bamboo shoots.

You can grow it in soil or even water with pebbles in it. You can keep it in low light or medium shade. Keep the soil evenly wet to keep it thriving.  

3. Snake Plant

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A snake plant comes in various sizes and shapes. It is a very tough plant that requires very little maintenance to survive.

You can keep it in a medium or small pot and keep them on the floor or on the table. It needs to be watered every 2-6 months, making it ideal for busy students. 

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a beautiful plant that contains medicinal properties. They are also low-maintenance and need little water to survive.

The gel found inside an aloe vera stalk can soothe sunburn and moisten skin. You can place them in a small or medium pot and use them whenever you need them.

5. Bromeliads

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Bromeliads have different sizes and colors and also grow bright and beautiful flowers. Place the plant pot in bright, indirect sunlight to see them thrive. Water once a week for best results.

6. Pothos

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Pothos is a stunning plant with leaves the color green, yellow, and white. The plant looks gorgeous in small pots and can be easily maintained on your study table or bedside table.

You can keep the plant in medium to low indoor light and allow the soil to dry before you water it again. 

7. ZZ Plant

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ZZ plant has dark glossy green leaves that are thick in the base and tapers at the top.

This gorgeous-looking plant can survive with very little water and light. You can water it every 3-4 weeks or when the soil is dry. Keep it in a partly shaded area, and it should be good to go. 

8. Money Tree

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Money trees do not grow money, but they do look gorgeous in your room. This tree is popular because it is easy to grow indoors and needs little maintenance.

Keep the plant in bright and indirect sunlight and water it when the top 4 inches of the soil is dry. 

9. Hoya

Hoya is a large species that houses many plants of similar shapes and sizes. The plant has tiny leaves and small, fragrant flowers.

It does not need frequent watering, but it needs sufficient light to survive. Keep it in direct sunlight (a partly shaded place will be fine, too) and water it only when the soil is dry. 

10. Peace Lily

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The peace lily doesn’t only look stunning, but it can also purify your dorm room air. It grows in medium to bright light. The more you expose it to light, the more it blooms. Keep the soil moist at all times.

Researchers have claimed that keeping a peace lily plant in your room can improve your memory.

11. Ferns

Ferns are of different shapes and sizes. They make your room beautiful and also act as a natural humidifier. You may have seen ferns covering large walls, but they also grow in small and medium sizes and can be kept in a hanging pot or as a bedside plant.

They can survive in medium-to-bright light and need enough humidity to thrive.

12. Mint

Mint can be a perfect addition to your dorm room. It cleans the air and is also edible. They also add a fresh smell to your room.

Growing mint is very easy. Take a twig and place it in a small pot. Water it at proper intervals, and watch the plants bloom. Keep them under sufficient sunlight for them to thrive.

13. Air plants

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If you want a plant that can add a touch of unique decoration to your dorm room, you should consider air plants.

They don’t need soil to grow which is why you can keep them in glass jars, plant pots, and hanging baskets. Air plants require indirect sunlight and some warmth to survive. 

14. Spider Plant

The leaves of the spider plant look like the spindly legs of a spider. It can sustain well in the artificial light found in dorm rooms and purifies the air.

You can grow it in a small pot or hanging basket. Let the soil dry before you water the plant again and keep it in a partly shaded area.

15. African Violet

This plant adds a pop of color to a mundane dorm room. The African violet has colorful flowers and leaves of various textures.

It needs slightly better maintenance than most plants. Keep it in indirect sunlight and water it frequently for the gorgeous flowers to bloom.

16. Ponytail Palm

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This plant resembles a small palm tree that has a pompom on top. A tiny pot with a ponytail palm is enough to increase the beauty of your dorm room.

Keep it in a bright and sunny area and water when the soil is dry. It absorbs carbon dioxide and is good for your health.

17. Heartleaf Philodendron

The leaves of this plant are shaped like hearts. The plant takes up little space and is commonly planted in a hanging basket.

Keep it in bright indirect light and water it frequently to keep it alive and thriving. You can also trim the plant and present it as a gift.

18. Chinese Evergreen

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The Chinese evergreen is a perennial and can go through quite a bit of neglect. It can survive shades and draughts well, making it ideal for college students.

You can keep it in partial or full shade, but indirect sunlight works the best for them. Water the plant when the soil is dry. 

19. Cast Iron Plant

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The cast iron plant gets its name from being tough. It can withstand a good amount of neglect, making it a perfect pick for college students.

The plant grows up to three feet, and you can keep it on the floor. Keep it in a partially or fully shaded area and water when the soil is dry or more frequently.

20. Begonias

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If you are looking for a colorful option for your dorm room, you can get some begonias. It is a low-maintenance plant that only requires light to survive, and can enhance the ambiance of your dorm room.

Keep it in indirect light and always let the soil dry before you water them – and you’re all set!

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