Best Hobbies for College Students (from Fun to Lucrative!)

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Looking for fun, creative, and lucrative ways to spend your free time? Get inspired by these 15 awesome hobbies for college students. Learn new skills, make new friends, and open up new opportunities!

Creative Hobby Ideas

1. Writing

Have you always been a storyteller at heart? College might be the right time to give life to the story that you have been planning for ages.

All you need is a computer and 15-60 minutes of writing time a day. There are plenty of resources online that can help you grow as a writer, and after some time, you can even earn money by working as a freelance writer or even self-publishing books!

2. Painting

Painting is a form of creative expression and a great hobby to pursue. You don’t need to be adept at painting to pursue it as a hobby.

All you need is an easel, canvas, paintbrushes, and paints to get started. Although there are no rules to pain or to become a painter, there are certain tricks and techniques to follow if you want to grow as a painter. 

Lucrative Online Hobby Ideas

3. Website design

Website design is perhaps one of the most useful hobbies you can pursue in today’s age. Everyone is going online, and practically every company is building its online presence.

This has spiked the need for well-built websites. All you need is a computer and enough coding skills to get started. Before you know it, you’ll be designing websites for others.

4. Graphic design

Graphic design is another hobby that you can turn into a lucrative side job or full-time job someday.

If you have a flair for art and design and know the basics of design or illustration software, you already have half the things figured out.

Just get a good computer, a subscription to Adobe Creative, and begin designing. You can start with characters, icons, patterns, and small comics, and then slowly take it to more professional projects such as designing brand identity.

5. YouTube

Pursuing YouTube as a hobby is increasingly common nowadays. If you have a functioning camera and video editing skills, you can become a YouTuber today.

You can post anything you want – travel videos, tutorials, skits, and much more.

6. Photography

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have an expensive camera to become a photographer.

Even if you only have your phone camera, you can pursue photography as a hobby, and slowly move to more complex equipment, such as a better functioning camera and a professional light setup.

There are various tricks and techniques to take photos that look professional. You can find online tutorials or YouTube videos to learn those.

Alternatively, you can take professional courses or take an apprenticeship under a professional photographer to learn to take better photos.

Active Hobby Ideas

7. Swimming

Swimming is a great method of exercise. It can serve as a form of entertainment and simultaneously help you stay healthy.

If you don’t know how to swim, you can begin by learning the basics. If you know how to swim, you can take it a step further and learn more strokes and other techniques.

8. Yoga

If you want to pursue a hobby that helps you stay fit and keeps your mind calm, you should pursue yoga.

Many people think they are not flexible enough for it, but the truth is that anyone can take up yoga. Various yoga studios take in beginners. Sign up for them or watch videos online to get started. You can also download apps designed for beginners.

10. Gaming

Gaming has become another popular hobby since the early 2000s. While the idea might be exciting, getting into gaming might require some investment.

You need to build a computer with good graphics, and you need connectivity to play with others online. The good news is that once you have it figured out, you can get into competitive gaming and win titles.

Relaxing, At-Home Hobby Ideas

11. Sewing

If you are into fashion, chances are that you are already acquainted with sewing. This can also be a great hobby that you can eventually scale into a small boutique fashion house.

If you know the basics of sewing, you can learn how to make patterns and sew actual garments. You can also take online courses to strengthen your skills.

12. Crocheting

Crocheting can seem daunting but the good news if that you don’t need a lot of tools to get started.

If you know the basics, you can simply learn more techniques through online courses or YouTube videos. If you can master the skill, you can also make your own products and sell them online.

13. Knitting

Knitting is also similar to crocheting but has different techniques for weaving. It is comparatively easier and is a popular hobby that you can pursue.

Get the supplies and sign up on online knitting clubs to learn new patterns and designs. You can also do online courses to perfect your skills.

14. Candle and soap making

Candle and soap making have become popular hobbies in the last few decades.

The ingredients for candle and soap making have become more available, and many students are now taking it up as a hobby.

The process is easy to follow. You only need to take a few basic precautions to prepare candles and soaps of various flavors. Once you have mastered the craft, you can sell your soaps and candles on Amazon and Etsy.

15. Embroidery

Embroidery might seem like a close second cousin of sewing, but the various techniques used in the former make it very much different than the latter.

In embroidery, you use your basics of sewing to create unique designs. You can apply this creativity to make unique pieces of table cloths, table mats and runners, baby clothes, clothing, and fashion accessories for teens, bags, bedsheets, and just about everything you can incorporate embroidery into.

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