15 Staycation Ideas for College Students to Make the Best of a Break

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Plan a spring, holiday, or summer break of fun, joy, and memories with these 15 brilliant and super fun staycation ideas for college students.

Staycation Ideas You Need to Try

1. Plan a movie marathon

What better way to spend time in your house during a staycation than to organize a movie marathon?

Pick 2-3 movies in your favorite genres, grab some popcorn, and watch them – back-to-back!

You can also organize the movie marathon with your friends and watch them together (in-person or virtually).

2. Learn to cook

A vacation is a perfect time to learn to cook. Whether you have culinary skills or not, a spring or a summer break is the perfect time to bring your skillet and spatula out and try some recipes.

There are plenty of websites online that list both easy and difficult recipes for you to recreate. Some of my favorite recipe blogs include Cafe Delites, Minimalist Baker, and RecipeTin Eats.

Cook something new every other day and hold a feast for your friends or family members. 

3. Write a bestselling novel

Have a bestselling author hidden inside you? It might be the right time to bring it out.

A staycation might be the best time to sit in front of your computer and write the novel you have been meaning to craft for ages.

You can post the chapters on your website or social media to get feedback or share them on websites like Wattpad or FanFiction to build a reader base.

4. Get into yoga

College is stressful. That is why you can get into yoga to help relieve the stress and stay calm.

Look for a local yoga teaching center and choose a package that suits your pocket and timetable.

There are also various apps and channels on YouTube that provide free yoga lessons. One of my favorite ones is Yoga with Adriene.

5. Explore the city

A staycation can be the perfect opportunity to explore the nooks and corners of the city you are residing in.

You can explore the city on your own or take a friend or two with you. Discover alleyways and attractions that you never visited before.

Visit as many places as you can and make nice memories to cherish later on.

6. Volunteer at a local shelter

Want to add some credits to your resume? Sign up as a volunteer at a local shelter. If you love animals, find a local animal shelter and spend time with furry friends.

It will not only add value to your list of achievements but it will also make you feel happier.

7. Learn a new skill

A staycation is a perfect time to learn a new skill. You could learn to swim, play the guitar or another instrument, or learn a new language.

Many people take this time to do online courses and learn coding, design, copywriting, or digital marketing.

Some of my favorite resources include freeCodeCamp for learning how to code, YouTube (of course) for any beginner/intro videos, Udemy for affordable courses on just about any topic, and MasterClass for learning from the pros at the top of their respective fields.

8. Visit local museums

Have an appetite for art and culture? Make good use of your staycation and visit all the museums, art galleries, and exhibitions in your locality. Most of them will be free (or at least discounted) for students, so be sure to ask about any discounts before or when you visit.

They sometimes hold shows and exhibitions with exclusive art collections during spring and summer breaks – so don’t miss the chance to see them.

Check for their reviews and exhibition hours on the internet and visit accordingly.

9. Start gardening

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you can definitely try growing a few plants during the break.

Just gather the supplies, fix a place in your backyard, and begin planting. If you don’t have a backyard, try indoor herb gardening!

Gardening instills patience in you and gives you the joy of nurturing. If you are lucky, you might even get to harvest fruits or vegetables from your plants.

10. Read

Reading various fiction and nonfiction not only keeps your brain active but it also broadens your knowledge.

Buy some new books and start reading them, or reread old favorites.

If you want to be a part of a reading community or buddy-read with others, you can join online book clubs or websites like Goodreads where you can chat with other avid readers.

You can also listen to audiobooks while doing household chores.

11. Indulge in self-care

The pressure of studying and a demanding social life at college can keep you really busy. Having time to yourself might not be possible during the semester, so you can make good use of your staycation.

Plan a spa day and pamper yourself. Focus on skincare and hair care. Do your nails. Practice relaxation to calm your mind.

A healthy mind and body are required for the next level of stress when you return to college.

12. Get outside & spend time at the local park or on the hiking trail

If you are someone who passes by parks and always promises to come and sit on the lush grass someday but never makes it, this might be your chance.

Take time to visit every local park of your locality. You can organize a small picnic with your friends or family or simply spend a few quality hours lounging on the grass reading a book.

Alternatively, if you love hiking, find some local hiking trails and enjoy an active staycation!

13. Attend local festivals

Attending local festivals is another entertaining activity if you are planning a staycation. Find concerts, fairs, and film, and other seasonal festivals to attend.

Things have been slowly getting back to normal this year, and many locations have resumed festivals and outdoor concerts, with some restrictions in place.

14. Bring out your board games

A staycation is a perfect excuse to spend some quality time with your friends and family, and what other way to enjoy it than playing board games?

Brush the dust off the board games and make every evening joyous with Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Cards against Humanity, or Uno. Many of these board games are also available as apps.

If you want to play them with your friends without leaving the house, now you can do that, too!

15. Plan a day trip

Have you visited all the tourist spots around your city? Have you visited the closest cities or towns that you can cover in a day?

If you do not want to stay stuck at home and want to do some local traveling, plan a day trip.

Look up beautiful nearby towns or places that you can visit in a day. You can take your car with you or take public transport.

If you cannot visit another country, you can always explore some interesting nearby places.

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15 Staycation Ideas for an Amazing College Break

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