20 Best Study Motivation Tips for College Students

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Use these study motivation tips to clear your mind, plan your study time, and go into your exams fully prepared to pass with flying colors!

Genius Study Motivation Tips You Need to Know

1. Create to-do lists or mind maps

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to study is to create a to-do list. If you are a visual learner, you can prepare a mind map consisting of the study plan for the entire semester or course. A visual representation of the study materials always motivates you to complete them faster.

2. Create a daily routine and stick to it

If you feel overwhelmed, try to build a steady daily routine. Irregular sleeping patterns and study hours can harm your concentration instead of improving it.

Create a routine with fixed hours for waking up, meals, study time, and sleep time. Maintain the routine for a balanced life. It will keep you disciplined and prepare you to study in the designated hours every day.

3. Set attainable goals

It is wiser to break down your study materials into small portions and set them as individual goals. Don’t overwhelm yourself with learning extra materials if you cannot finish them in a day.

Set goals to finish a portion of your lessons every day, but ensure that the goal is attainable. Otherwise, it might demotivate you to study further.

4. Reward yourself

Set small rewards for yourself after achieving every small milestone. Treating yourself with a bar of chocolate or an episode of your favorite TV show will motivate you to finish your studies every day.

5. Attend lectures and take notes

The best way to stay motivated to study is to be involved in the process.

Attend all the lectures, take notes regularly, and go through them before going to bed. If you remain in the flow and have an overall idea about the material, you will always stay driven to study.

6. Use study techniques

You can use various techniques such as the Eisenhower Box, the Pomodoro Technique, or the Anthony Trollope method to study.

The Eisenhower Box is for identifying and prioritizing tasks or study materials.

The other two techniques teach you how to incorporate breaks between study times efficiently to keep yourself motivated. 

7. Track your progress

If you track your progress, you are more likely to stay motivated.

Keep a study journal where you can jot down the materials to study, along with a mind map for the semester. Track your mood and motivation level, and cross off topics you have finished.

When you see yourself winning a little every day, you will get a boost to study harder.

8. Avoid multitasking

For most of us, our brains are programmed to focus on only one task at a time.

If you want to stay motivated, avoid studying too many topics or subjects at once without finishing any of them. This is called multitasking. Instead of helping you, it can distract your brain and demotivate you to study.

9. Maintain a competitive circle of peers

You become like the person you hang out with. Keeping a competitive circle of friends, therefore, can help you stay motivated to study.

Create a group with your project mates or classmates who share some passion or liking for the subjects, and hold group-study sessions – in person or over video calls. You will notice the change in your pace after a short period. 

10. Get help from your teachers

Never shy away from asking for help. Your teachers are the best sources of information. If you are confused about a topic, do not hesitate to ask for help.

It is better than learning the wrong material. Understanding the topic properly will also help you learn it faster.

11. Maintain good mental health

Stress and other mental illnesses can cause a good distraction. It might also be the reason for your attention deficit and lack of motivation to study.

Pay close attention to your mental health. If you are going through depression, have anxiety, or face some other unusual symptoms, notify a figure of authority.

Maintaining good mental health will keep you motivated to study without distractions.

12. Practice self-care

Never fail to take good care of yourself. Take at least one day out of your week and spend a few hours pampering your mind and body.

Eat desserts. Cook your favorite dish. Watch a movie. Indulge in skincare. Do what makes you happy.

Taking care of yourself will affect your psyche and body positively and help you stay motivated to study and do much more in life.

13. Identify reasons for procrastination

Procrastination often hinders our productivity and motivation to study.

Find out what makes you procrastinate, and try to eliminate the causes to achieve a better flow. 

14. Avoid memorizing the topic

Memorizing without understanding or cramming can never get you good results. You might often find yourself forgetting the fine details of the topics and it can demotivate you to study further.

Try to understand the material while you study, and you will always be interested in exploring the topic more.

15. Take sufficient breaks

Studying for a long stretch of time can exhaust your brain and demotivate you to study.

So, instead of studying for hours at once, space them throughout the day and take breaks in between. It can help your brain to rejuvenate and replenish the lost energy before each round.

16. Eat well

Healthy food contributes to a healthy mind and body. It provides fuel to your system and keeps your energy level high.

Avoid consuming too much caffeine, sugar, and fatty acids, and eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, milk, and eggs. They keep your brain sharp and produce good hormones to keep you happy and motivated. 

17. Exercise every day

Exercising increases the production of serotonin in the body, which elevates your mood and reduces stress.

You do not need to build a gym inside your house. Try basic aerobics and jumping ropes every day. You can also try yoga and meditation as they can keep you motivated to study more and attain your life goals.

18. Get rid of distractions

Keep away from smartphones, social media, and the internet when you study. They are the biggest causes of distraction. Too many of these can reduce your motivation to study.

Use app and website blockers if you have to use your phone or the computer when studying. Otherwise, put your phone in airplane mode. 

19. Change your study area

Due to the lockdown, many people are finding it hard to stay motivated. Don’t study in your bed. Take a corner of your room and place your study table there.

If possible, try to move the table around to change the place up. Add accessories, organizers, or small plants to the setup. They do the perfect job of cheering you up and keep you motivated to study. 

20. Stay positive

Even if you fail to achieve your daily goal, stay positive. Learn to digest failure and start over.

Every day of our life isn’t going to be the same. Accept it, and learn to begin the next day with renewed vigor. It will undoubtedly help you to stay motivated to study. 

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20 Genius Study Motivation Tips for Students

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