100+ Summer Bucket List Ideas for College Students in 2022

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Get inspired to plan a summer of adventure, thrills, and unforgettable moments with our 100+ fun summer bucket list ideas for college students.

100+ Summer Bucket List Ideas {Checklist Image}.

Adventure & Outdoors Summer Bucket List Ideas

1. Plan a Beach Trip

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2. Go River Tubing

3. Try Paddleboarding

4. Sign Up for a Fun Color 5k Run

5. Try Mountain Biking

6. Go Kayaking

7. Try Hang Gliding

8. Rent a Bike and Explore Your City

9. Plan a Photo Scavenger Hunt

10. Sign Up for an Obstacle Course Race

Crazy but Fun Summer Ideas

11. Try a Flying Trapeze Class

12. Go Skydiving

13. Try White Water Rafting

14. Go Paragliding

15. Get Your Scuba Diving Certification

16. Try Water Skiing

17. Try Zorbing

18. Get Started with Canyoning

19. Say Yes to Everything (Within Reason) for a Day

20. Try a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Date Bucket List Ideas

21. Have Date Night at a Drive-in Movie Theater

22. Get a Couples Massage

23. Sign up for a Fitness Class Together

24. Cook Dinner Together

25. Go on a Weekend Getaway

26. Watch the Sunset Together

27. Kiss in the Rain

28. Sleep Under the Stars

29. Sign up for a Dance Class

30. Go on a Road Trip Together

Friends Summer Bucket List Ideas

31. Try a Slip-n-Slide

32. Have a Bonfire

33. Go Camping

34. Go to a Live Concert

35. Go to a Festival Together

36. Go on Bike Rides

37. Plan a Karaoke Night

38. Go to a Baseball Game

39. Have Fun at a Theme Park for the Day

40. Sign up for Bar Trivia Night

Summer Travel Bucket List Ideas

41. Visit a National Park

42. Go on a Cross-Country Road Trip

43. Try Van Life

44. Rent a Remote Cabin in the Mountains

45. Work as an Au Pair Abroad

46. Get a Travel Rewards Card

47. Work & Stay for Free Around the World with Sites like Workaway

48. Volunteer Abroad

49. Get a Summer Internship Abroad

50. House Sit for Free Accommodation Around the World

Relaxing Bucket List Ideas

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51. Go Through Your Summer Reading

52. Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show

53. Go on a Daytrip

54. Go Apple Picking

55. Visit an Art Gallery

56. Host Brunch for Your Friends

57. Take Up Yoga or Pilates

58. Stroll through the Botanical Gardens in Your City

59. Browse at a Nearby Farmer’s Market

60. Get Away for the Weekend

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Professional & Personal Development Summer Bucket List Ideas

61. Find a Summer Internship or Job

62. Pitch a Startup Idea

63. Learn a New Language

64. Learn a New Skill

65. Create Your Personal Brand

66. Study Abroad for the Summer

67. Try 10 Foods You’ve Never Tried Before

68. Take a Cooking Class

69. Start a Gratitude Journal

70. Learn How to Code

Try Something New” Summer Bucket List Ideas

71. Try Salt Therapy

72. Go Somewhere in Your City You’ve Never Been Before

73. Take Up a New Hobby

74. Try a New Restaurant

75. Try a New Sport or Fitness Class

76. Try Sound Immersion Meditation

77. Take an Archery Class

78. Tour a Chocolate Factory

79. Try a Glassblowing Class

80. Try a New Recipe from around the World

Free or Budget Summer Bucket List Ideas

81. Plan a Picnic

82. Go Hiking

83. Volunteer

84. Create Your New Favorite Playlist

85. Wake up to See the Sunrise

86. Master a Skill (using Free Online Resources)

87. Re-Design Your Resume

88. Enter a Writing Contest

89. Apply for Scholarships

90. Apply for Remote Internships

At-Home Summer Bucket List Ideas

91. Re-Decorate Your Bedroom

92. Organize Game Night (Virtual or In-Person)

93. Have a Spa Day at Home

94. Learn How to Draw

95. Start an Indoor Herb Garden

96. Declutter & Have a Garage Sale

97. Plan Your Post-Graduation Trip

98. Make Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes at Home

99. Take a Virtual Calligraphy Class

100. Try Your Hand at a DIY Project like Soap-Making

101. Try an Aerial Fitness Class

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100+ Summer Bucket List Ideas for College

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